repetition #2


6.11.2021 3PM @gallerygundulagruber closing party for “burnt truth” performance with Matt Mottel, Jasper Stadhouders & participants of the audience

a participative performance of a rehearsal: a repetitive dance

repetition 6.11.21 3pm mmm mr. matt mottel & margareta klose @ggg re-petere means to bring or get something back again, to re-cognize, to re-think, to remember, to lead back, to attribute something to something. Keti Chukhrov writes about the paradox of repetition as transtemporality: the transposition from the mundane mode of reality to that of repetitive, nonsensical and excessive performance. The first reality of being and life turns into a contradiction of life, evolving from it, but accelerating it aesthetically and performatively. Gilles Deleuze claims that such a mode of performative repetition is torn away from any chronic temporality, remaining without any semblance to the original.1 Repetition is the paradox of a situation and therefore not an analogy, but solitary. The connection between the two realities is paradoxically lost. Deleuze describes this paradox as the incapacity to know what happened, unless there is a possibility of transposing it in repetition: “When the consciousness of the knowledge or the working through the memory is missing, the knowledge in itself is only the repetition of its object. It is played, repeated, enacted instead of being known.”2 The strange word intrudes the body like a virus and transforms and repeats itself as pulsating quotation which can never be explained. The less I know, the more I have to practice and repeat – and is REPETITION THE BEST WAY TO LEARN?3    

1 Keti Chukhrov, Repetition as the performative syndrome of dying, in: Performance and Philosophy Vol. 4, NO 2 (2019), 477.   

2 Gilles Deleuze, Difference and repetition, Bloomsbury Publishing London 2001, 14.    

3 Jenny Holzer truism.

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