Opening: Fri, February 24, 2017, 8 pm

Exhibition runs: February 25 – April 23, 2017

Text: Séamus Kealy

Running parallel to the exhibition A Painter’s Doubt, the young, Salzburg-based painter Margareta Klose has developed a painting installation in the Kabinett space. Her intervention in the gallery involves an arrangement of wall-painting, flooring and carefully placed sculptural elements, to transform the space into an experiential and contemplative zone. The entirety of her work in this installation has mainly been produced over the past three years, with new additions specifically for her exhibition in the Kabinett space. With her practice with painting at its centre, this installation alludes to and emerges from her attentiveness to the passing of time as an observable phenomenon. One might witness her processes of discerning and marking the passage of time not only in her painterly gestures but also in her collection of preservation jars, her collection and production of writings such as poems, songs and aphorisms, and other sculptural elements, all included in the exhibition. Her abstract gestures in the painted elements are complemented or sometimes confounded by her ripe, deliberate and delicate use of text within or adjacent to the painting. The exhibition is both a personal expression of the potential to experience a sense of rapture in the face of reality and its ever-mysterious presence, as well as an open invitation to audiences to make what they will of this expression. Her exhibition is thus intentionally timed to complement the exhibition in the Main Hall, which has a trajectory of contemporary European painting today. A few concerns around painting as an artistic practise today are shared between these exhibitions.

Margareta Klose, born 1993 in Berlin, lives and works in Salzburg.

Margareta Klose. Im Grünen. Kabinett



Fotos: Andrew Phelps, © Salzburger Kunstverein

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