Angewandte Festival Oskar Kokoschka Platz 28.6.2019

curated by Lena Kohlmayr with Elisabeth Falkensteiner and Martina Schöggl


Be part of the BIG PICKLE PICNIC and create your PICKLE SANDWICH!

The SLICERS will ritually cut your Pickle & Bread with wide-bladed knives.

The BIG PICKLE PICNIC BLANKET made of collected dish towels will be placed in the middle of the street.

In the blanket’s center there will be the big white bread composed of baking tray sized breads produced by artists.

It will be surrounded by big 3.400ml jars of Pickles made in kitchens of University of Applied Arts Vienna by the SLICERS.

Margareta Klose & THE SLICERS

Vivienne Causemann Betina Habjanic Marlene Lahmer Eva Rybarova




Is food preservation cosmopolitan or nationalistic?

National dishes and especially pickles are perfect materials for examining history, politics and geopolitical relations. Food is an essential necessity that could either connect cultures or
separates them. The BIG PICKLE PICNIC’s theme is the cut: cutting analytical portions as fundamental cultural technique and iconoclastic gesture. The zerowaste BIG PICKLE PICNIC is dealing with sustainability, pickling, preservation, but also with transformation, exportation, migration and participation as a transformative, transcultural, collaborative Happening. Micro-techniques of everyday life, private self-techniques relating to political economic regulation techniques: BIG PICKLE PICNIC deals with the shift to the homo economicus’ self management of production & competition.

How are forms of subjectivation produced and are evolving within programmes that call upon subjects for rational behavior?
How this neoliberal Rationality is involved with powerful subjectivation processes that tangle up self-responsibility with cuts in social services?

How to participate in an image?
Body, Floating Pictures and Technology coincide in the dialectical Image: the Computational Photograph via Cellphone Camera and its Documentation as SLICE OF LIFE live via Instagram story. The Digitalisation within Instagram’s economic grid is a presentation of a presentation circulating in the world wide web after the act, ready to touch.

The medium is the image. The medium is the trace of itself.



Fotos: @margareta_klose 28.6.2019

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