VEGANATOLIA @anatoliaschnitzel

Hofmühlgasse 25 1060 Wien
collective art space

food & drinks, exhibitions, performances, lectures, screenings

Are identity politics progressive or reactionary?

VEGANATOLIA turned the former Viennese Fastfood-Restaurant ANATOLIA SCHNITZEL into a zerowaste vegan junkfood zone serving self-made SCHOLLE oder SCHNITZEL, BIG PICKLE PICNIC, non-alcoholic drinks in a smokefree area. Ingredients such as soy, seitan and salt are the best carbohydrate base for vegan junkfood with exquisite taste: phenomenal artistic products that can easily resemble ANYTHING you want: SCHOLLE oder SCHITZEL. VEGANIZATION as an artistic practice is really artsy indeed.


Photos: Mahdiyeh Seifi

While thinking about the documentality of food pictures, ecology movements and VEGANIZATION I am collecting Instagram pictures of “zerowaste” vegan Influencer and NGOs. Public relations proclaiming to be “zerowaste” disregard Instagram’s documental economic grid as well as digital waste that has grown exponentially over the last decade as storage of data has shifted to the online sphere to throw all of our recorded information into one big digital cloud of computers.

Micro-techniques of everyday life, private self-techniques relating to political economic regulation techniques: How are forms of subjectivation produced and are evolving within programmes that call upon subjects for rational entrepreneurial behavior? How this neoliberal Rationality is involved with powerful subjectivation processes that tangle up self-responsibility with cuts in social services?

To participate in an image, rather than identify with it, would mean participating in the material of the image as well as in the desires and forces it accumulates. I CAN’T BE YOUR HERO, BABY!

Instagram Live Performance @anatoliaschnitzel 28.8.2019

proclaiming manifesto sentences of the animal rights march in Ljubljana

Instagram Selfie: Martina Pluda 

Head of Campaigns @VIERPFOTEN/@fourpawsint

The medium is the message, it is the image.

The medium is the trace of itself caught in Instagram’s documental economic grid. 

Video: Mahdiyeh Seifi

Focus on food, especially pickles: Is food preservation cosmopolitan or nationalistic? National dishes and especially pickles are perfect materials for examining history, politics and geopolitical relations.
Food is an essential necessity that could either connect cultures or separates them. The BIG PICKLE PICNIC’s theme is the cut: cutting analytical portions as fundamental cultural technique and iconoclast gesture. It is dealing with transformation, pickling, preservation, but also with participation as a transformative, transcultural, collaborative Happening.

Video: Martina Pluda, Head of Campaigns @VIERPFOTEN/@fourpawsint

While serving New Music was presented: Roberta Lazo’s… and Maxim Brezhnev’s Gig

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