in the iridescence, the interplay

one night show

Sunday 5th of July 7pm New Bar Vienna Zirkusgasse 38

Margareta Klose and Marlene Lahmer will present site-specific installations at new bar, a place lovingly maintained and artfully lit. Where carlights cast plant shadows on your friends’ faces and green to pink light catches in your drinking glass.
in the iridescence, the interplay   
is a quote by Norman O. Brown referring to the places where meaning can be found. We took the iridescence (the colourful shimmering of light) literally and inserted some transparent and light-based interventions into New Bar.

Margareta will project a conspicious sentence on the outside facade.
Marlene will place blown glass pieces in the bar setting together with their
industrial counterparts and implement some more Norman O. Brown in the
bar’s large beautiful windows.

Paul Sprung designed us an amazing poster.

Hugs & Love
M & M

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