evening program at Anatolia Schnitzel art space

by Margareta Klose & Marlene Lahmer

Margareta turned Anatolia Schnitzel into vegan food place VEGANATOLIA, serving vegan “Scholle oder Schnitzel” on the BIG PICKLE PICNIC BLANKET.

New music was presented

Roberta Lazo Valenzuela


Maxim Brezhnev


At 8 pm, Marlene filled the room with words from her brand new short story, working title “ANDIE”.

In my ten-day residency as Anatolia Schnitzel writer, I realized that many of my current interests could be condensed around a story I had dreamt about a few months before: A dream reveals emotions and images of unknown origin that continue the influence the protagonist once awoken. Traumatic experiences surface and past associates are not quite met. The story works towards a climax in a place familiar to the audience.

Marlene Lahmer



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